Help us find the website featuring “Nancy”

8 May

A very dear friend of mine was forced into doing pornography at gunpoint and as a result she is stuck in a nightmare unable to get herself free. She was my neighbor at an apartment complex in San Diego CA and when I began complaining to the management that she was being bothered by a man in the complex and that she was afraid, I found out to my surprise that the resident manager was also involved and was in fact calling all the shots. I was accused of stalking the girl and then evicted.

I have tried to speak with the young woman’s family but they are convinced that she is working in another state and that everything is alright,  they are not willing to come to terms with the fact they have not seen their daughter/sister for over 7 years and that there is a chance that perhaps she truly is in danger ( As I already know she is).  We believe her captors are  having her keep in touch with her family enough to keep them convinced she is alright. It is my hope and prayer that they will come to her aid and begin to file the necessary reports with law enforcement to put an end to her long ordeal.  We believe her captors will continue to keep her drugged and abuse her until she is so wasted away that she will not be able to testify in any way against them. It is a terribly sad and tragic scenario.

If the website described below sounds familiar to you, and you think you may know of the website described in the article please do not hesitate to share it here or email me.    To describe the website where Nancy is being exploited  in a bit more detail:

There are 3 men and one girl.  The men are of varied race.  One is half Korean and white, he has a tendency to grit his teeth a lot.  Another is white, he is thin and wiry with reddish or brown hair.  The third is a little bigger and older than the other two with dark thick hair, he is part latino, some small part black, american indian.  He may have a tendency to be more physical and possibly more violent then the others.  There is likely to be group sex at times with all 4 people involved and at other times perhaps only one man at a time with Nancy.  She gets very little rest. They are very rough with her and she is under constant pressure.  Just fyi two of the guys have prior felony convictions and she is not safe there.

Helping identify the website will help our cause and help Nancy to be free.  Thanks for your help.  If you wish to reply confidentially or feel moved to contribute to a legal fund to help pay legal fees for this effort I can be contacted at


One Response to “Help us find the website featuring “Nancy””

  1. Hanuman May 9, 2012 at 6:39 pm #

    Here is a copy of the story that shows how internet porn affected several people’s lives and some of the dangers that it poses to ordinary people like me and you. My hope is to raise awareness of the issues so that even though it would be unconstitutional to ban all pornography, we can approach the subject with a mature and knowledgeable attitude and decide for ourselves how we choose to deal with it in our own lifes and within our own families and communities.

    I thought it was going to be a nice outing with a new friend. My next door neighbor in the San Diego beach apartment complex and I decided to take an overnight trip to the desert springs a couple of hours north of us.

    She seemed very demure, and also sweet and kind. Instead of feeling awkward with not knowing each other very well, I felt quite comfortable with her and we were chatting and laughing on our way to our relaxing destination. I felt in her a kindred spirit. We arrived without a hitch and checked in. From now on in order to keep her identity confidential I’ll refer to her as Nancy.

    As the day went on I began to realize that she was a very introverted person. She kept a pad with her and often jotted notes or made little pictures on it. She said that she was an artist but that she worked for her parents in some capacity with the computer. For some reason I couldn’t help but feel that she was either very shy, or was keeping something from me. She seemed almost troubled, and because I didn’t know her that well yet, I couldn’t help but wonder if it had something to do with me. I have to admit I was enchanted with her quietude and her secret renderings.

    When we went outside to the pools she seemed to want to scurry through the crowd to a safe place, as if she didn’t want to be seen. Though I wasn’t interested in her in a romantic way, she was very petite and with her sun hat, shades and string bikini she made a very cute picture. We went and found a place to soak. By night time the crowd had dwindled and we had a small pool to ourselves. Under the desert stars the night was just gourgeous. The serenity and beauty of the wide open desert sky and warm air and mineral pools was very nice and we frolicked in the pools for awhile enjoying the place.

    There was a shallower pool there that had cold water in it. I pretended to chase her through it but was surprised that she suddenly became genuinely frightened. I was only playing and wondered at that but thought perhaps she was just playing along.

    Almost the entire time she seemed preoccupied about something and it later became clearer to me as to why.

    In the morning I returned from getting breakfast from DelTaco and she was already up and wanted to go home. I found myself feeling really disappointed. What bothered me even more was that she didn’t want to elaborate on why she wanted to leave so early,it was a long drive to get there and we were allowed all day to stay for free using the pools and sauna without paying an extra fee. We returned to our building and went to our respective apartments which I will remind you were right next door to each other. Gradually a real drama began to unfold. The girl began to tell me the truth about what was going on. A young man in the complex had been harassing her and coercing her into beginning to do pornography with him. She told me that he had drugged her and date raped her. In addition there was a sort of Cult aspect to it because the apartment resident manager was using LSD among other drugs with several tenants in the building.

    The apartment resident manager had been associating closely with the young man and Nancy. She had been encouraging them into doing the pornography and using drugs with the promise of making some money I’d guess that the sex and the money were not a deterrent to Nancy, but the other aspects of the situation are what make it so ghastly. There was an aspect of kind of really bad mojo to the whole scenario. I never had felt so affected by other people’s energies before and having studied Religious studies at SDSU and my own personal spiritual studies I always considered myself protected and never gave it much of a thought. This apartment manager seemed to know black magic or some things that I didn’t understand and even while still living in the building I felt my energy being drained and I felt spiritually attacked by something unseen. It was as if there was a vicious energy around me that I couldn’t see. It was really creepy and unsettling. I sensed something was really wrong. Especially with my Masters degree in Psychology I knew this was definitely out of the ordinary.

    After we returned from our day at the springs, it seemed things took a turn for the worse for her. Suddenly she seldom left her apartment, often had her shades completely drawn. I was home most of the time planning to open my own business, and it was not hard to tell that she didn’t leave the house. She didn’t even go surfing anymore which was something she told me gave her a lot of solace. Naturally I was concerned for her and sometimes would leave some food or some fruit outside of her door, for thought she must get hungry sometimes and it seemed she never went out even to the store for food.

    One might imagine my confusion and disappointment. Any time I tried to knock on the door she would not answer it. She would call me on the phone in tears saying she was in the grip of a terrible fear. I thought she was just saying that because she wanted to make money with the pornography but didn’t want to threaten our friendship. But she would tell me that she was so afraid that she couldn’t open the door. Sometimes I wondered if she was agoraphobic (fear of leaving the house, but then I remembered our trip to the desert)

    She began to tell me how the young man had threatened her,beat her, raped her and tried to stop her from talking to me. She said that he had put a gun to her head and told her that if she talked to me that he would kill me. She said she didn’t know what to do. I was infuriated, I walked down to his apartment and banged on the iron screen door (all the apartments had them because we were near the beach and they let the breeze through) and demanded that he come out to speak with me. He didn’t come to the door. Instead, received a warning from the same Resident apartment manager telling me that I had frightened other tenants in the building and that if it continued I would be asked to move.

    To make matters worse, the young man and the Resident manager were increasing the number of “shoots” or scenes they were forcing Nancy to do. She seemed a willing participant, but I knew they were intimidating until she would relent and let them in. She also had given the young man a copy of her key again accomplished through intimidation. It was like an anger or demonic force so intense that it was extremely painful to resist and for her it seemed the only way to get relief was to relent to the demands of the perpetrators. Nancy also just didn’t want to admit it to herself. Like so many people who have suffered sexual abuse as a child she didn’t know how to say no, and somehow believed that she just had to accept the circumstance and besides had not the strength to stand up to it.

    Shortly thereafter the Resident manager came to me and said I was spotted by another tenant “peering” in Nancy’s window and she warned me it was an invasion of privacy to her. In truth Nancy told me it made her feel better when she saw me outside her window whose blinds were now sometimes half open. It was around this time that the resident manager got involved with the pornography also. She slapped the girl and hit her and told her to obey. The whole thing was set up to be like a reality porn story, but sadly it was really true. You can imagine my outrage I summarily confronted the resident apartment manager directly by who I was told, “there’s nothing going on between those two, you should mind your own business I think you’d be better off just to leave, and accept that she’s not interested in you”.

    That gave me a real insight into that Resident Managers attitude. I knew some people are twisted but man I could tell this was going to be a real piece of work.

    Next thing I know a few day later I was leaving my apartment and the guy that has been intimidating Nancy walks out of her apartment, next thing Nancy herself is there and she loudly says to me “I want you to leave me alone, don’tleave me any more gifts and stop trying to talk to me”. I was shocked because she was acting like a complete stranger and not only that but she was betraying our friendship suddenly. I knew that she was being forced by the two perpetrators to do this. Shortly thereafter I had a notice on my door to vacate within 30 days.

    I moved out of the apartment. I was broken hearted. I made a report and gave it to the local police, and also to the owner of the apartment building. I hoped it would make a difference for her. I dreamed about climbing up to the roof of the carports and sneaking in through her window and pulling her out, but I was afraid I would be the one who ended up being arrested. I really didn’t want to be co-dependent but this was really wacky and most people would say I should have left the situation alone, but she also had confided in me that she was really afraid and needed help. I was angry with her too that she would betray our friendship but I guess she felt it would be best to get me out of the situation. She said they were threatening to hurt me if she didn’t.

    Sadly as well I knew from my Psychology studies and from working with abused women that early sexual abuse may leave anyone with weak, poor, or confused boundaries when it comes to sexual situations. I truly believe she didn’t wan’t to be victimized but did not believe she had the strength to stop it.

    I contacted a couple of friends who I have to admit are a little shady. As a matter of fact they were part of the reason I had moved away from Los Angeles; to have a chance to start a new clean and sober life. Knowing the law wasn’t going to help me if she wasn’t willing to talk to the police, I thought maybe my old home boys could get her out. I called them and asked for help. They did make a trip down there to San Diego. However, as it often is with drug users, ready money for drugs talks louder than good sense and they were bribed by the Resident apartment manager, with the money (and drugs I’m sure they were buying with the money)they had made off of Nancy’s pornography to help their cause and not mine.

    They soon got her out of the building, but she was not being rescued as she and I both might have thought, she was taken to another place where now instead of doing porn with one man she was being used by all three.And before long it was all three at a time and every variation thereof. As one can imagine this further betrayal by my old friends made the situation much worse and I was extremely disturbed by it. They had called me once from my old “friends” house in Los Angeles and I distinctly heard her voice in the background. He acted as if he was going to find a way to get her to me, but said I had to wait he made it seem like he was waiting for something first, I think he wanted to get paid.

    I was married shortly thereafter and moved to Florida. I received one call from her after I had moved to Florida that was cut short. She said hello, told me she was in the state I had moved to, told me that the people she was with wanted me to do a “shoot” with her and then the line went dead. I made a report to sheriff at that time.

    That was the last time I had heard from her. I only know where she last lived, or at least where she lived when I was her neighbor. If I know the guys who are holding her at all, I don’t believe she gets enough food to eat and that they are trying to keep her hooked on drugs. They know that know what has happened ( I have filed a lawsuit against the ring-leader) and I believe they are punishing her and waiting for me to forget about it or for her to agree to stay with them before they will stop.

    I have reported the situation to the local police in both California and Florida and reported the situation to the FBI. I would have filed a report with the District Attorney in San Diego, but it would have required her parents support.

    I was able to reach her father on the telephone one time but it was to no avail. I tried to tell him in a way that would not be too shocking and all he replied was “oh no not my Nancy, that’s not possible”. He thinks she is just out of town working.

    Nancy is a very sweet introverted girl who has fallen into a situation that is very bad. She graduated from college in the top of her class, she is very creative with writing and is an exceptionally talented artist and musician. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more compassionate, trusting, sweet and loving person and to see her having become stuck in this terrible situation is very, very sad.

    With people spending more and more time on their computers and mobile devices that is already creating a distance from true face to face social interaction. With the prevalence of so much pornography this problem is compounded exponentially. People start to see each other as sexual objects and it helps to erode healthy social patterns.

    Here are some facts about internet porn that some people might find surprising:

    Research indicates that 40% of sex addicts will lose their spouse, 58% will suffer severe financial losses, and 27-40% will lose their job or profession.

    Indulging in pornography to the extent that it is an addiction affects the way that people see each other. Violent or abusive sexually explicit content can have an added effect on people and even children.

    Additionally the average age that children are exposed to pornography is 11 years old. (

    According to Fisher, W. A., & Barak, A. (2001). 25% of the respondents (n = 1,501, ages 10-17)reported receiving unwanted exposure to sexual materials while online, and 19%received a sexual solicitation online.

    In particular, sexually explicit materials on the Internet can desensitize children to deviant sexual stimuli and encourage them to enact antisocial aggressive sexual behaviors (W. Fisher & Barak, 2001). I read one example recently of an 18 year old boy who jumped over a fence and tried to kidnap a young girl from her backyard. Fortunately her mother was watching from inside but barely had a chance to do anything before the young man was trying to cram the girl into his car where later in the trunk police found child pornography and literature on how to dispose of a body. (

    People start to see each other as sexual objects rather than being able to relate to the other person as a fellow human being with love and respect or even just a genuine interest in getting to know them. People addicted to porn have increased risk and occurrence of sexual dysfunction and muted attraction to their spouse or partner. (

    This whole complex of effects from over exposure to pornography truly represents a de-evolution of sorts that has far reaching effects upon our entire culture.

    Abusive pimping, sexual abuse and assault, rape, and human trafficking are all increased via internet pornography. In fact all of these illicit activities are made safer due to fact that all that is required to take advantage and make money off of the women (children and men not exempt) is a camera which can be turned on and off to selectively show only that which the person in control wants to be seen. It all takes place behind closed doors.

    It’s my belief it would be good to help to raise people’sawareness that these things don’t happen just to “bad girls”, “sluts”, girls that no one cares about, or girls that come from poor families or grew up in a bad neighborhood. This can happen to anyone,your sister or even brother for that matter, your relative or your best friend, even to yourself.
    I wrote this article to help increase awareness about some of the problems that internet pornography, especially illicit internet pornography can create. One might not realize it until it strikes close to home, but it is very real threat to our families, friends and even ourselves if it goes unaddressed.

    Please check out my blog at if you would like to make a comment, would like to help, or for additional information and updates on Nancy’s situation.


    Fisher, W. A., & Barak, A. (2001). Internet pornography:A social psychological perspective on Internet sexuality. Journal of Sex Research, 38, 312-323.

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